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“5 minutes cosplays”

What are 5-minutes cosplays? 

Well, they often start like challenges, on these quiet evenings… one of us sees an object, a hat, an image (or anything, Really) that makes him/her go :”Hey! We could do that!”

Then starts the hunt… everything is fair game, as Long as it looks like the original… We try to look the part, not really paying attention to details. The idea is that, when somebody looks at the photo, they would be able to recognise this or that character. So, we go through our wardrobes, looking for that Color, that shape or that texture…

After 5 minutes, we gather again and start suiting up! Everybody gives advice, and we usually have great fun during this time, trying to make the most of whatever garment or accessory we have found…

Facebook reminded me of one of these 5 minutes cosplays this morning, and it gave me the idea of taking a short trip down Memory Lane to give you a few examples.

Our latest was Indiana Jones… we had the idea of having Dr Jones Senior talking about “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”…

I found a fez during of my fabric hunting trips in Joo Chiat… I obviously couldn’t resist putting together a little impression of the 11th Doctor (even if the beard doesn’t really match the character…)

This one was done for the famous “BTTF day” (The Day Marty arrives from the past). We don’t have a life jacket, so Alex took some old cushion covers and taped them around his shoulders. And I don’t have a white overall, so this is just a white baggy shirt, and the reason why the shot doesn’t show anything below the waist…

Olie and Roxanne, in an hommage to Han and Chewie… sometimes, just a belt and pieces of paper can give enough details to recognise a character…

And finally, the very first 5-minutes cosplay we have ever done. Asterix and Obelix… Our doggie just had a hair trim, and as I was getting out of the shower (I had a blue striped towel at the time), Reggie couldn’t help notice that if she looked like Idefix (Dogmatix, in English), I could be an Obelix Lookalike… he decided to sport Asterix big blonde moustache, and the rest is history…

Try it with your kids!



Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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