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Costume: Pirate coat

This was done 2 years ago… for Halloween, Olie wanted to be a pirate/assassin (from Assassin’s Creed). We did a few sketches and it was obvious he needed one of these long pirate “justaucorps”, that could flow in the wind as he was hunting down the Templar knights…

I think it was the first time I was starting such a challenge, as I was only in the infancy of my sewing journey… but, well, nothing is impossible, so I started looking for a pattern on Internet. I was lucky enough to find an authentic pattern from 1750! It looked simple enough, so I started reporting it on paper. I measured his shoulders and increased everything proportionally.

My Mother-in-law’s old curtains provided a perfect fabric for this project. There was enough surface for everything, it was thick enough, the Color was in our theme, and most important: they would have been going to the trash if we were not using it… so I started cutting everything.

The assembly is actually quite simple. With a bit of common sense and Organization, of course.

For the decorations and the hem all around, I decided to use a wide black ribbon and some golden buttons. If you fold the ribbon properly, you just have to sew it on top of the fabric, and the effect is very nice. 

I think in less that 2 evenings, the coat was done. And our little pirate was the most elegant swashbuckler that year!



Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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