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Jakku in a box…

It is amazing what you can do with recycled stuff… you know? We did a few Star Wars Bandai models, and, as they always give you a few options to customize your creations, you always end up with pieces you won’t use…

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure…

I also had a very nice wooden box, that used to host a trophy or other memorabilia given to me by a business contact.

I decided to combine both to make a mini-diorama of Jakku’s market, when Rey meets Finn.

The first step was to cut and paint all the pieces I could salvage from the models.

I was especially interested in the small characters, Rey and Finn, found in The Millenium Falcon box.

I gave a particular attention to painting these 2 figures (they are less than a centimetre high), but for the others, I just have them a dark Color, as I wanted them to be in the shadows.

I also weathered all the spare parts From the diverse spaceships.

It looks like a wreckage site, or the spare parts market I wanted to do…

I needed a base for my diorama and decided to go with foam. I cut the foam to dimensions, and it fitted the cover of the box perfectly.

To give some kind of dune relief, I filled the whole thing with wood putty.

I then started to plan where my characters and tents would go. For the big poles holding the tents, I simply cut parts of the frame holding the models pieces. 

A bit of paint, and these poles took the aspect of strange structures that spent years in the desert.

The next step was to arrange all the junk, and glue the pieces together, as if they had been abandoned there for ages, one by one, forming a bazaar of “spare parts galore”.

I still had some sand, remaining from the Warhammer board I did a few weeks ago. Applying it is so simple. You can use PVA glue, dilute it with a bit of water and basically apply it everywhere you will want the sand to be.

Cover this area with the sand and shake the excess. Repeat until everything is covered.

To add a final touch, I took small pieces of fabric (when you sew, you always have full bags of those) and attached them in the poles.

As I wanted to give weight to these I dipped them in my glue-water mixture.

Now for the second canopy…

You let everything dry and… voila! Rey and Finn are meeting on the market of Jakku!

Unfortunately, B-B8 went missing because I Guess somebody knocked the small pieces down before I could glue him on the board. (Nobody took responsibility for the incident though… it is always the same story!)

The wooden box itself can be used as a cover for this mini-world, or used as a pedestal when you display it!



Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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