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Mini Tie-fighter pilot helmet

This project took a very long time… that’s what happens when you want to do too many things at one go… thanks to Desmond for his patience and his guidance! The helmet was finished (and worn for the first time) for STGCC 2016, but I think we started it more than a year and a half before that…

So… a little background here: Reggie has always been more “Dark Side” than “Rebel”, and he wanted a Tie Fighter pilot uniform. Although he is of a robust size for 11yo, he would have looked like a Funko POP bobblehead with a full size helmet… the idea was therefore to do a smaller size… but how?


The answer came completely unexpectedly: my neighbour was throwing an old motorcycle helmet, and, at the same time, Hasbro came up with some stormtrooper masks for the launch of the Episode 7… the 2 put together would have the right size! Yippee!


We started by emptying the helmet completely of its foam, styrofoam padding and  all the fixtures (aerodynamic “fins”, visor, etc…)…

 … and glue the mask inside. (Not only glue actually, because we reinforced it with some rivets.

 Size fitting was perfect (with a new sponge padding inside), so we move to phase 2 (after a one-year-iatus because “other things on he plate”/”more than I could chew”…).

Reggie did a lot of sanding, to get the surface as smooth as possible. We needed to fill some holes left on the helmet, and the gap filler was not exactly levelled (Thanks to my big “sausage-fingers”)…


A EVA foam Mawhauk was glued with epoxy glue, covered in gap filler and sanded too, while I was looking for parts and smaller details (there also, EVA foam, and my usual recycling…)

Then, it was on with the paint! Primer, a double coat of shiny black, and the details in silver (all hand-painted, mostly because I was lazy to make special decals…)

You add the flightsuit ($20 at a army surplus market), an old washing machine pipe, and voila! Reggie was ready for STGCC!!!!



Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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