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Review “sans spoilers” : Rogue One

Oh. My. Gosh. Where to start?

We were invited to see the Singapore premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This movie is not good, it is beyond that! In many ways, i preferred it to TFA. More action, more Easter Eggs, and a global feel that this movie is really part of the Star Wars saga. For old fans like me, I think this is the movie we were waiting for. The way it is directed is very modern and current, but everything is linked to the great Original trilogy we love so much. Creatures, décors, space battles : all the ingredients are there!

My only little regret is the use of computer graphics for some characters (as I said, No spoilers, so you will have to see for yourself), as I had the feeling I was watching some scenes from a video game like “Battlefront”… however, the plot and the use of these SFX is done well, the story is still believable, and it is a moment I won’t forget.




Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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