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Review: Assasin’s Creed

I can’t say I was a real aficionado of the game series: I knew the game, and honestly loved its aesthetics, but I’m not aware of all the details. I had great hopes for the movie though. C’mon: a brotherhood of assassins in stunning costumes, doing parkour among historic monuments… what’s not to like?

So, we went to see Assassin’s Creed. The movie is enjoyable, even if I regret that they don’t explain the Animus technology a bit more. For example, I didn’t understand the technology was in the hands of the Templars, and that the assassins were basically guinea pigs, a tool to retrieve the location of the “Apple of Eden”, because that is not the case in the games. The story deviates also on several points:

Reggie noticed the Animus machine is not the same as the game (where it is just a chair, and that, if we were in Spain, the character should be Altair, not Aguilar.

Olie (who is a real fan of the games) found the fighting scenes really cool and well choreographed, but the “intro”, with the eagle flying, when going to the Animus a bit draggy and useless. In the game, you suddenly become the character, which is better.

We all agree that the movie was aesthetically fantastic:

Reggie thought the parkour and fight scenes were good and that the costumes looked a lot like the second game: elegant and powerful.

For Alex, the décors were excellent: especially during the scene where Cal escapes for the first time and ends up on the ledge of the balcony overseeing Madrid. 

Geek Mommy thought that the fact that they visually stayed very similar to the games for the parkour and fight scenes was a very good point.

Geek Daddy agrees with everybody, but found that the décors of Spain were a bit too dusty, and that the monuments were not as central as they can be in the game. You see a ledge here, a cornice there, but basically, the characters are just jumping in a big dust cloud.

Negative comments are not easy to find though, but they mostly focus on Marion Cotillard’s performance:

Geek Mommy found her acting very monotonous, and Alex thought her dilemma (following her Father’s way or helping the Assasins) was not clear. During the whole movie she acts as if she doesn’t want to become a Templar or that she dislike her Father (who seems more a way to finance her research), but as soon as her Father dies, her only idea seems to get revenge…

We tried to find some Easter Eggs:

  • Reggie says that behind the “new” Animus, we could see the original, game accurate one.

  • When all the ancestors appear to The hero, we can see one character from every game

  • For Olie, the costumes were nice, but most hoods lacked the curve on the forehead, that is so distinctive of all AC’s characters…

In general, a good movie. Reggie gives it 10/10 and Olie a 8/10. Alex liked the fact that the movie keeps all details and logic fitting together : it is a world on its own. Geek Mommy is eagerly waiting for a part 2!

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