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First attempt at knife painting

I wanted to try for a long time already… new technique, new effects… after watching a video of a Russian painter demonstrating some techniques, I decided to give it a go.

Well, there is obviously pros and cons :

  • first of all, I use acrylic, which is more liquid than oil paints, and therefore a tad more difficult to handle.
  • Second, I’d say that, with a brush, my brain is wired in a certain way : the light, shadows, lines and surfaces are clear to me; with a knife, the only option is the “surface”, and it took a bit of adjustment. You can, of course, use the side of the knife to trace (“carve”) a line, but it is still a way to drop paint on the canvas. I guess I still need to practice to acquire these subtleties.
  • mixing the colors is also more difficult to gauge, as you pretty much need to have your color mixed already before you put on the canvas, whereas painting with a brush allows maybe more mixing/layering during the painting itself.
  • having said that, I love the spontaneity of the process, which reminds me of watercolor or Asian ink painting. One stroke of the knife brings a leaf, a flower, a branch. You are not dealing with small details (or maybe, but I am not yet that fluent in the technique), but in atmosphere, light, and impression.

I will definitely try to work on this, because I think it can be fantastic for landscapes, for example.



Originally from the North of France, I have great fun doing illustrations and drawing Nutons... happy Husband and Father of 3 teenage boys, we make things, props, and live a geek life in Singapore.

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