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diorama: Old Luke on Ahch-To

Since the release of The Force Awakens, I have been obsessed with Ahch-To, the desert planet island where Luke Skywalker has found refuge, to hide from the horror of the World.

With the imminent launch of The Last Jedi, I bought Luke Skywalker and Rey Black Series action figures, and obviously needed a diorama to display them in all their splendour !! So, with a bit of foam, acrylic paint and accessories from miniature train decoration (different turfs and bushes), I started a new diorama.

The difficulty was to keep enough flat surfaces for the action figures but keep the rocky look of the island. I wanted the sea to be choppy as well, so the different resins usually used for water wouldn’t do it. I used clear silicone sealant instead. Hope you enjoy!


this diorama uses the same basic skills as the Warhammer board here and here.