We are a family of 5 :

  • Papa works from home, travels a lot for his job and draws sketches all the time. He is a member of the Rebel Legion (www.rebellegion.com), a group of Star Wars costumers doing charity work… He is European.
  • Mummy is the best Chef we know in the World of the Galactic Universe. She specializes in baking and the house often smells of fresh bread and cinnamon. She is nice enough to tolerate all our Sci-Fi nonsense, comics, video games and debates to know if Incredible Hulk could break the face of a Rancor (in Theory, of course…). She is Asian.
  • Alex is 14yo and starts coping with the changes of puberty. His dream day involves a sofa and a X-box… Papa thought Alex was deaf, but realized he was only wearing his headphones with the Ipad…
  • Olie is 13yo and likes to read comics and play video games. Although he seems to be the most serious of the 3 kids, his mind wanders very often on ideas to make life more fun (pushing people in swimming pools, or other pranks and generally mischievious activities…)
  • Reggie is 11yo. After Papa, he is the biggest Star Wars fan in the house, and seldom remove his Darth Vader helmet. He is a member of the Galactic Academy (www.galacticacademy.com), a bit like the Rebel Legion, but for kids. He always starts his sentences with “Did you actually know…”. He is dyslexic.
  • We also have 2 dogs, Roxanne and Cashew, how must think we are a bunch of nuts…

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