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Costuming : Anakin-inspired Jedi costume

This is a big project! A complete,Anakin-inspired, jedi costume!
Robes, inner tunic and outer tunic!

For reference, you can find our other tutorials here:

Good sewing! don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, or send us your creations!

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Costuming: Tie Fighter Pilot chest piece (foam armor)

May the 4th was the opportunity to upgrade a few of our costumes. Among others was Reggie’s Tie fighter pilot. So far, his chest piece was only made of soft fake leather, and it had none of the rigidity nor the shine of a real piece of Armour.

We have watched Evil Ted fantastic work with craft foam, and had the idea of doing a new chest piece with EVA foam. With simple tools (we don’t have a workshop and do most of our props in the dining room), but with dedication, we crafted this prop, and I dare say it is not too bad for a first foam armour.

You can find Evil Ted’s channel here:

How we made the helmet here.

And finally, how we made our glue pot here (after a while, it became obvious that we couldn’t continue with a plastic plate: too much wastage!).

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Costuming : Jedi Robes

Jedi robes! How exciting!!

And you can use them for other characters too!!! An old wizard, the high priest of an obscure sect or even a grim reaper!

And you can complete your jedi look with the outer tunic tutorial, found here.

As mentioned in the video, you can find the complete tutorial from Sithrog at this address:

For the rest, sorry if we didn’t post anything in a long time… but we have been busy lately!

We now have a Youtube Channel :
And our Etsy shop here:

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Costume: Pirate coat

This was done 2 years ago… for Halloween, Olie wanted to be a pirate/assassin (from Assassin’s Creed). We did a few sketches and it was obvious he needed one of these long pirate “justaucorps”, that could flow in the wind as he was hunting down the Templar knights…

I think it was the first time I was starting such a challenge, as I was only in the infancy of my sewing journey… but, well, nothing is impossible, so I started looking for a pattern on Internet. I was lucky enough to find an authentic pattern from 1750! It looked simple enough, so I started reporting it on paper. I measured his shoulders and increased everything proportionally.

My Mother-in-law’s old curtains provided a perfect fabric for this project. There was enough surface for everything, it was thick enough, the Color was in our theme, and most important: they would have been going to the trash if we were not using it… so I started cutting everything.

The assembly is actually quite simple. With a bit of common sense and Organization, of course.

For the decorations and the hem all around, I decided to use a wide black ribbon and some golden buttons. If you fold the ribbon properly, you just have to sew it on top of the fabric, and the effect is very nice. 

I think in less that 2 evenings, the coat was done. And our little pirate was the most elegant swashbuckler that year!

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“5 minutes cosplays”

What are 5-minutes cosplays? 

Well, they often start like challenges, on these quiet evenings… one of us sees an object, a hat, an image (or anything, Really) that makes him/her go :”Hey! We could do that!”

Then starts the hunt… everything is fair game, as Long as it looks like the original… We try to look the part, not really paying attention to details. The idea is that, when somebody looks at the photo, they would be able to recognise this or that character. So, we go through our wardrobes, looking for that Color, that shape or that texture…

After 5 minutes, we gather again and start suiting up! Everybody gives advice, and we usually have great fun during this time, trying to make the most of whatever garment or accessory we have found…

Facebook reminded me of one of these 5 minutes cosplays this morning, and it gave me the idea of taking a short trip down Memory Lane to give you a few examples.

Our latest was Indiana Jones… we had the idea of having Dr Jones Senior talking about “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”…

I found a fez during of my fabric hunting trips in Joo Chiat… I obviously couldn’t resist putting together a little impression of the 11th Doctor (even if the beard doesn’t really match the character…)

This one was done for the famous “BTTF day” (The Day Marty arrives from the past). We don’t have a life jacket, so Alex took some old cushion covers and taped them around his shoulders. And I don’t have a white overall, so this is just a white baggy shirt, and the reason why the shot doesn’t show anything below the waist…

Olie and Roxanne, in an hommage to Han and Chewie… sometimes, just a belt and pieces of paper can give enough details to recognise a character…

And finally, the very first 5-minutes cosplay we have ever done. Asterix and Obelix… Our doggie just had a hair trim, and as I was getting out of the shower (I had a blue striped towel at the time), Reggie couldn’t help notice that if she looked like Idefix (Dogmatix, in English), I could be an Obelix Lookalike… he decided to sport Asterix big blonde moustache, and the rest is history…

Try it with your kids!