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Happy Halloween! : Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!

Just in time for Halloween!!! For my favorite time of the year (which is also my birthday, go figure!) I have decided to re-create the strange and interesting looking plant every florist would like to put in their window! Audrey II, from The Little Shop of Horrors, may be a mean green Mother from outer-space, but it is sure to make for a good conversation piece, especially if you display it among your other plants! To make this sneaky carnivorous plant, you’ll need : a styrofoam egg, some epoxy putty, pva glue, acrylic paint, an empty tin can, some foam, a few fake flowers and moss! (Of course, the usual marker, cutter, scissors, glue gun…) Hope you enjoy!


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DIY: 10th Doctor custom doll

We are trying to recreate the iconic look of the 10th Doctor.

I have seen videos from Myfroggystuff, who gives plenty of tips to personalize and customize barbie dolls, and more. Go and see them!

you will need :

  • fabric (I used some leftover I had from my cosplays)
  • a Ken Friend Fashionista doll. I chose this doll because 1/his glasses are very close to the ones the 10th Doctor wears. 2/his shoes are black Converse (just need to paint them) and 3/his hairstyle reminded me of the 10th Doctor in "The Idiot's Lantern" (one of my favorite episodes).
  • acrylic paints

Start by adding some details to the face : sideburns and eyebrows.

Paint the shoes in red and white.

For the clothes, you have to make a T pattern, by measuring your doll and tracing a big "T" on a folded piece of fabric. for the front opening, sew a piece of fabric that will cover the front and the collar. Sew along the opening and around the neck line (leave around 1mm between the 2 lines). Cut between the lines and the hole of the neck. Dont forget to cut some slids around the curve of the collar and in the corners to ease the fabric tension. Fold this piece of fabric inside the mini-garment (you can use something to push the corners out, I used a pair of scissors). Make sure everything is flat (you can iron it). Sew the Tshape around and cut the extra fabric (once again, cut in the corners for the tension). Turn it inside out. For the collar, make a small rectangle that you will sew on the inside of the neck, right on the seam (to make the seam invisible).

It is the same idea for the trench coat, except it is longer in in a A line.

Add as much details as you want to make it more realistic.

Decorate the necktie (a simple ribbon tied around the neck) with a pattern made from markers.

Finally, use a small rivet to make a sonic screwdriver than you will glue inside the hand of the doll.

And… Allons-y!!!

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Jodie Whittaker is the new Doctor!!

This week started on a huge piece of news: Jodie Whittaker has been chosen to be the new Doctor!!! 

A new doctor is, as always, a big announcement: “Doctor Who” has been running for almost 55 years (with a break in the 80-90’s) and is followed by an immense fandom, including us, of course.

As far as I can remember, the new Doctors have never made the unanimity in the fandom, so imagine the shock when it was revealed that the next time lord would be a woman! The whovian community is basically split into 2 right now.

On one side, those who disapprove:

  • The Role of the Doctor can’t be given to a woman : imagine they do the same with James Bond?
  • This will ruin the show
  • “No way I will watch from now on”
  • The dynamic doctor-companion will suffer
  • And after all, why change when it has been working for more than 50 years with a male as the lead?
  • This is political correctness gone wrong
  • And I even read: “little boys who are fans of the show will be disturbed”

On the other side, those who welcome this change:

  • Jodie was wonderful in Broadchurch
  • This gives the chance to millions of little girls to identify with a strong hero
  • It was always said that the Doctor could regenerate to another gender (see Missy, for example)
  • “You haven’t even seen an episode, how can you know she is not fitted to the role?”
  • And the always popular: “you are just a male chauvinist pig!”

The fun thing is that, both camps are composed of males and females. If you can easily imagine that the guys would “fight for one of their own”, the ladies’ position is a bit more difficult to analyse. I would risk a wild guess and say that either they are attached to tradition/established things, or they see the Doctor as a kind of Father figure/sex symbol that is removed from them.

Having said that, I think that Jodie Whittaker is a welcome breath of fresh air. I’ve never seen her in Broadchurch, but she has been highly praised for her natural acting, sense of humour and she seems very capable of giving a new life to the character.

The morning after the announcement (due to the time difference we learned about the New Doctor around midnight), Reggie told me “boy or girl, as long as the design of the sonic screwdriver is good, I have no problem!”. I was happy he was so accepting! 

So, will it be weird to see a character we have known as a male for ages turn into a female? Yes, most probably at first. Then we will get over it. It’s not like we didn’t know he could regenerate into a woman: when Matt Smith regenerated, he touched his long-ish hair and exclaimed “I’m a girl!”. The Master already regenerated into Missy. And this Timelord general also regenerated into a woman. It was just a matter of time before the Doctor himself would.

And, will we still feel connected to the character? Believe it or not, yes. We have a connection when we watch Princess Leia strangle Jabba. We have a connection when we see Rey fighting Kylo Ren, or when Jyn Erso grabs the plans of the Death Star…

So, let’s celebrate the new Doctor. I’m sure she will be wonderful. And, to be honest, I’m happy we got to see, in our lifetime, a first, à revolutionary change in one of our Favourite series.

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DIY : TARDIS charging station

as a modern Whovian family, we have 5 phones to charge, often at the same time… to replace the unsightly power cord on the floor and its topping of mismatched chargers and cables (it honestly looked like somebody threw a plate of electronic spaghetti under the table), we have decided to build a TARDIS charging station!

with a few wooden accessories from a local dollar store and a USB multi-charger, a bit of blue paint, and Allons-y!

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Review: Doctor Who “Choose the Future”

Some of my best memories as a kid reader (and most probably one of the reasons why I avidly devour books up to this day), came from a series of French books titled “you are the Hero”.

The idea was simple enough: you read the first chapter and, at the end, you are given a choice (“will you turn Left or right? Do you chose to follow that stranger or continue your way?”) that lead you to different chapters, opening different possibilities for the adventure, guaranteeing a new experience (and therefore a new story) with each reading.

It was a very pleasant surprise to find that a new series of books (in English, this time) reprised this wonderful concept with one of our Favourite character: The Doctor! Can a hero be more fitting to this than him? You can start the story again, and change your actions, which will change the whole adventure! Basically: “Time travel, Baby!!”

The first book, Terror Moon, features the doctor landing in a space station on a distant moon, to find that most of the crew was killed by a Monster on the loose. The rest is up to you. I tried reading it a few times, and the possible stories range from a spaceship-filled epic in space to a breathtaking chase in London with the help of the agents of U.N.I.T…

Night Of The Kraken brings you to a desolated Victorian-era British moor, populated by a spaceship’s spare parts smuggler, a giant baby squid and/or even zombies!!!

Following the 12th Doctor, that fans have very well accepted and loved, in his unmistakable sarcastic and grumpy-but-soft-centered style, these settings are sure to be crowd pleasers.

The kids have red them several times, picturing vividly these tailor-made episodes (thanks to the fantastic descriptions made by the authors) and enjoying them tremendously, until the books appeared to have been well handled already…

Chapters are short, which is good for the slow readers (yes, we have a dyslexic young whovian at home, and this kind of things count!), and we can’t wait for the next books!

In Singapore, you can find these books here.

Good reading!